Skilled Worker Immigration Programs and Visas

Do you have work skills and qualifications & want to find work in Canada?

There are over 10 types of Skilled Worker Visas to immigrate to Canada! Most people make a big mistake and restrict themselves to only the few that they know about from the federal government website. We know about all of the types of visas and can advise you which one fits your needs the most.

We have over 23 years of experience with Canadian immigration. We strive to help anyone obtain a Canadian permanent resident visa so they are able to work anywhere in the country. We are much more than an immigration consultant: we are attorneys authorized by law to represent people going to any part of Canada. We are better trained than consultants and are authorized to challenge the government dealing with immigration issues in Canada. Our goal is to advise people properly and to complete the skilled worker visa application so it can be properly processed as quickly as possible.

Understanding of Canadian Laws

We are a Canadian law firm based in Canada. We are very familiar with the laws regarding Canada immigration and strive to help you become a permanent resident. We help people to become Canadian permanent residents, as well as assisting them to apply for residency status for their family members. In addition, we help prepare applications for work permits and any other types of visas.

We Help Individuals Get Approved for a Canada Work Permit

In addition to helping individuals get permanent residence in Canada, we also offer assistance in finding jobs and getting work permits. In Canada, some occupations require a Canadian qualification, which can include a trade certificate or a professional license. We can advise you on the best way to get through this difficult process.

Our 23 years of experience and deep legal knowledge are both assets during this lengthy process. This experience and knowledge gives us a full understanding of how the system actually works in reality, not just what it says on some website! We also can advise about educational programs that will help you prepare for the job market in Canada. We work closely with employers to offer assistance to their prospective employees.

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