Worker & Immigrant Work Permits

Speak with an expert Canadian immigration lawyer about applying for a Canadian Worker Visa for immigration and working in Canada

Canada is a sought after country to live and work in.  Canadians enjoy many freedoms that other parts of world do not have the opportunities to have.  With liberal views on gender equality, race, and religious freedoms Canada is a secure and peaceful nation to raise a family in or enjoy retirement.  Applying for a Canadian Visa can be a frustrating and time consuming endeavour.

Learn about the permanent resident process

Once you have decided that you would like to stay in Canada permanently, you will want to apply for the permanent resident visa.  Learn the application process to be a permanent resident in Canada for individuals that have family in Canada as well as if you have no other family residing in Canada.

An immigration Lawyer can help you answer these common immigration to Canada questions

  • What are the different types of permanent residence visas?
  • What is the easiest and/or fastest way for me to get permanent residence status?
  • What are the requirements for me to get permanent residence?
  • Can my spouse and kids migrate with me?
  • I have a Canadian Visa but no job, can you help find me a job in Canada?
  • Advise you about which jobs you are qualified for in Canada.
  • Revise your resume/C.V. to Canadian standards for the specific occupation.
  • Coach and prepare you for interviews
  • An expert immigration lawyer streamlines the process for applying for a Canadian Visa

If you are a non-Canadian we offer you the following services:

  • Advise you about how you can get visas for Canada for you and your family
  • Prepare applications for work permits or other visas for you and your family.
  • Represent you as your law firm throughout the process.

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