foreign worker employment services canada

Are you a Canadian employer looking for workers or are you a foreign workers learning about the immigration to Canada visa process?

Learn the common questions asked about a Canada work visa & foreign worker visa

  • How easy will it be for me to a job in Canada?
  • What do Canadian employers look for when hiring foreign workers?
  • Do I need to a get a Canadian license or trade certificate to do my job in Canada?
  • How can I apply for permanent status in Canada after I start working?
  • Can my spouse and kids come with me to Canada while I am working?

We can help you with the immigration to Canada visa process

We are a one-stop, full service business that is both a Recruitment agency and a Canadian Immigration Law firm. We help you to fill your employment needs quickly in full compliance with all immigration and employment laws.

We help you to get Workers by helping you in the following ways:

  1. Locate Canadian or foreign workers who meet your experience, skills and training requirements.
  2. Screen/shortlist candidates, reference checks and interview candidates.
  3. Arrange for skill testing to verify competence.
  4. Help the candidates to get Canadian trade certificates and professional licences.
  5. Apply for Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA)s – previously known as Labour Market Opinions (LMO)s
  6. Help candidates to get work permits.
  7. Help you with government Compliance Reviews when they verify that you have met all requirements of LMOs and LMIAs.
  8. Legal advice about how to meet your human resource needs with Canadian or foreign workers.

We also advise you how to manage a government Compliance Review. This is a normal audit process when the government verifies that you have met your legal obligations when hiring foreign workers.  Please contact our immigration to Canada office if you want help with the Canada work permit process and application.

Please attach any documents that would be helpful for us to have, such as your Resume or CV