how to become a canadian citizenLearn how to become a Canadian citizen in this article from Vancouver immigration lawyer, Ian Goldman.  You may not know but earlier this year the requirements to get Canadian citizenship have changed.

Read through the following new key rules to learn how to become a Canadian citizen or email a Canadian immigration lawyer, through the form on the right side, to speak about your Canada citizenship questions.

The key rules to become a Canadian citizen or gain Canadian citizenship now are:

1. You need to be physically present in Canada as a permanent resident for at least 4 years within the 6 year period immediately before the date that you apply.

Each day in Canada is counted separately. The days do not have to be consecutive. Any part of a day that you are in Canada is counted.

You do not need to have a permanent resident card (or to ever have had one) in order to become a citizen. If you were in Canada before you became a permanent resident on a work permit, none of this time is counted.

2.  You must have filed your income tax reports for at least 4 years. If you haven’t done that yet, you may back-file for the years that you missed. This must be done before you apply for citizenship.

3. You must declare your intent to reside in Canada (there are exceptions). However, after you become a citizen there is no requirement to reside in Canada.

4. You must pass an English or French language test (there are exceptions).

5. You must pass a citizenship test (there are exceptions).

Many people around the world are eager to gain and learn how to become a Canadian citizen. Canada is part of the G8 and a stable country to reside and grow a family in. It’s democratic society allows for free speech and tolerance to religious practices.

Canadians are a warm community that strives to lend a helping hand when someone is in need. Canadians are known around the world for their polite nature and are well liked among the global community.

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