The Business Investor or “Entrepreneur” Application Requirements

The federal government’s business immigration program is the start-up visa program. This requires approval and funding from venture capitalists or angel investors. It is usually not a good option when compared to the provincial business immigration programs.

There are many business immigration entrepreneur programs offered by the provincial governments as part of their provincial nominee programs. Please contact us for the information regarding the provincial programs because they vary from province to province.

In general, most of the provincial programs have the following requirements.

The following are minimum requirements.The more you exceed the minimum for each requirement, the greater your chance of success.

  • You must have experience managing a business.
  • You must start or invest in a business that has a good chance of being profitable over the long term.
  • You must actively manage the business. You cannot just control or own shares in the company.
  • The business must employ one Canadian other than you and your dependants.
  • No minimum start up investment is required in some provinces. However, most provinces will require at least CAD$100,000 investment and many require at least CAD$200,000.
  • 2 or more people can apply together to immigrate and jointly operate the business but each person individually must meet the requirements.

The Immigration Process

In your application you must show that you have the ability and intent to meet the above requirements. Then you are often given a work permit and expected to get the business operating within 2 years of immigrating. Processing times vary widely from a few months to many years.

How We Will Increase Your Chances of Success

We will help you develop a business plan that the immigration authorities will find convincing. We will do this by communicating with the Federal and Provincial authorities before your application is completed to try to get as many indications that you will be approved as possible. There are also opportunities to change your application to meet any concerns of the authorities.

We will connect you with people who will help you in Canada who can link you up with prospective business sellers and other crucial advisors like market analysts, bankers and accountants who you need to guide you through the complex process of starting a business in Canada.

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