Jobs in Canada

Find Jobs in Canada for a Canadian Worker

If you are a Canadian worker, we will help you to find a Canadian employer that meets your requirements and we can advise you about getting a trade certificate or professional license that meets government and employer requirements.

Find Jobs in Canada for a Foreign Worker

If you are a foreign worker, you may have already found out how difficult it is to get an interview for a Canadian job. There are many obstacles and we have experience solving these problems.

The employer may need a foreign worker but they don’t know what they have to do or how much work that they need to do. Even if the employer would like to hire you, they may not even interview you because they don’t know the rules or the process for hiring non-Canadian workers.

Another issue is that many jobs require you to have Canadian qualification. We can advise you about getting a trade certificate or professional licence that meets government and employer requirements.

Our solution to solving the foreign worker visa problem involves:

Step 1.

We locate Canadian employers who cannot find enough Canadian workers to fill the positions that you are qualified for.

Step 2.

BEFORE we send them your resume, we call the Canadian employer and explain the process to hire a foreign worker and what we can do to help them so that they know what they need to do to hire you.

Step 3.

We often have many calls with them to make them feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the process and the requirements.

Step 4.

Now we send them your resume – that we have revised into a Canadian format – and arrange an interview between you and the employer or, if they prefer, we interview you on their behalf. These interviews are usually done over the internet by video conference but may be done by phone. Sometimes, the employer wants to meet you in person before offering you the position.

Step 5.

If they offer you the position, we then make the required applications to get government approval for you to be able to enter Canada. And then you can start your new job in Canada! You can usually get permanent residence after you have a job in Canada.

Please attach any documents that would be helpful for us to have, such as your Resume or CV