Arrange a Consultation with an Immigration Lawyer


When you book a consultation regarding any issue related to immigration to Canada, we will discuss:

  • The chance of you getting a job based on the demand for your skills in Canada, including what locations in Canada have the highest demand.
  • Do you need any Canadian qualifications in order to work in Canada, such as a trade or professional certificate? If so, we will discuss the process and requirements.
  • How you could upgrade your skills or qualifications to be more likely to get a job in Canada?
  • The best way you could get a work permit, student permit, permanent residence or citizenship.
  • If appropriate, we will discuss your personal immigration options (visas) to work and/or live in Canada. The includes work permits, student permits, permanent residence and citizenship.

We will examine your personal situation in order to find the right immigration route for your circumstances. We will look at your options and will also discuss what you can do to increase your chances of acceptance before you apply. Typical consultations cost CDN$300 for up to an hour but some consultations are free.

The consultation can be done by video conference using Skype or Google Hangouts, by audio-only internet call using Skype or by telephone, whichever is most convenient for you. Please contact us to arrange the consultation.

Please attach any documents that would be helpful for us to have, such as your Resume or CV